A brand's identity and clear definition of its services are vital in today’s online market. It is pointless having an amazing website and superior content if there is no synergy between that and the product/service you are offering.

First impressions are important and more frequently, a prospective client’s initial opinion of your business is gleaned from your website. It is therefore vital that the message and delivery of said message is succinct and consistent. There is a tendency to slam as much content and variety as possible but these days, less is more. To create a strong, monolithic brand and identity is essential in today’s digital world, where everything is there at a touch of a button.

Having gone through this process very recently, I understand the amount of time invested in our proposition and the direct correlation with increased traffic and business. Sounds like a no-brainer but the simpler and well thought out our proposition is, the greater the return on investment.

When creating the website for SciPro, we have kept the structure traditional but there is an acute delivery of our message. We are a global recruitment company that specialises in Science Professionals. That’s what we talk about on our website, that’s what our brand and name says and most importantly, that’s what we do. Check us out today and in the coming weeks @ www.sciproglobal.com