Many years ago I faced the objection from prospective clients that they didn't need me because they were advertising their roles direct! Now, prospective clients tell me they "know someone" because they can find their profile on LinkedIn! The recruitment industry must be dying then, I better rethink the last 10 years...

But wait! The recent REC Corporate report recently highlighted an industry turnover increase by 9.7% to £31.5billion in 2014/15 where 634,000 people were placed into permanent roles via a recruiter in 2014/15. 

So, how come us recruiters still have a job? For me the key to success is being niche. Building a candidate community that is unique to you and being the catalyst for the movement of passive candidates.

The differentiator in our client proposition at Lawrence Harvey is to treat our candidates as the client. Working with them today, tomorrow and in the years to come, always consultative and proactive in providing them choice. And, guess what, the more unique quality candidates you have the more our customers want to work with us.

I'm not getting 'uber-ised'!