12 years ago I took the jump, sold up and moved abroad.  After a brief stint in Milan to spend time with family, London became my final destination & I have been here ever since.  At this point, I should probably say that I haven’t looked back, but that wouldn’t be altogether true, and as an Australian on Australia Day in below freezing temperatures, I absolutely look back down-under and long for a swim in the ocean & a BBQ on the beach. 

Here comes the 'but', and it’s a considerable one…. Leaving aside the personal benefits of experiencing new cultures, seeing new places and exploring the world, I can safely say that the move abroad has not only exceeded personal expectations but also, and what was just as important to me at the time, the move ensured that my career developed at the same time.

In my role here as Head of People at The LHi Group, an international recruitment business with 4 non-competing brands (SciPro, Lawrence Harvey, Harper Harrison and Piper Maddox) and offices in London, Munich, New York and San Francisco, I get to help others realise their relocation dreams.  Setting up offices in Germany and the US in recent years means that we are able to offer our team opportunities to live and work abroad themselves.  I find it incredibly rewarding and exciting to offer someone a life changing opportunity to experience new cultures and countries and at the same time progress their careers and diversifying their skill sets.  

Now, don't get me wrong, the challenges of moving abroad in recruitment or in any industry for that matter are plenty. Forget the fact that you're going into a new market which in itself is a daunting task as you leave behind the candidates and clients you've built long relationships with.  What about leaving friends and family, navigating another transport system, a new neighborhood, adjusting to a different climate, new cuisines, perhaps a new language? For anyone who struggles with change, this might not be for you.  But, what if...

What if you moved to a new country and your new market was buoyant and interesting, you learnt new skills, developed your sales techniques, honed your rapport building skills as you navigate new markets and territories?  What if your move not only offered a new holiday destination for friends and family but opened you to a world of new contacts and opportunities?

Never has it been easier or more accessible for people to live and work abroad. With more and more businesses increasing their global footprint the opportunity to relocate is very real and for us, it is at the forefront of LHi Group’s growth strategy.

We are always looking for good Recruitment Consultants to join our teams in Munich, New York, London and San Francisco so if you have ever considered taking the plunge and exploring the world, now is the time to do so!