A few days ago I wrote this little post about Valentines Day: http://lhi-insights.passle.net/post/102e03d/i-hate-valentines-day-dont-i

If you manage to get to (near) the end, you'll read about my love for Spotifys user data generated campaigns of 2016. I loved their witty, imaginative and impactful adverts using just their listener behaviour data. It was genius.

Well, they're at it again. Only this time, Spotify have taken it up a notch and pulled actual playlist names created by listeners to forge these ingenious ads. The results are quite hilarious, coupled with a few famous faces reading the playlists out across a number of short videos, this campaign really does have momentous opportunity. 

My favourite has to be this one which reads;

There's a playlist called "Peaceful Piano". For when you're sick of all that violent, in-your-face piano.

There is no question, these campaigns are going to be hugely popular, anything that, as this article says, 'puts users at the center of the ads' is sure to be a hit with customers.

I love it. Bravo Spotify... again. I'm off to make my playlist "Goats and Springsteen"...