You can get hired/pass your test but still be surprisingly sh*t..

Why surprising? Well, that’s because you were so AMAZING in your interview! You were prepared, articulate, enthusiastic, it’s almost as if you knew what I was going to ask you….but wait… you did.

Most interviewees these days are well versed in the standard techniques that hiring managers will apply to their process. 

It's a bit like driving, you can showcase your attention to detail during the test but what we’re really interested in is how you drive when no one else is watching.

3 Really Simple Hints from me will help any hiring manager delve into what their potential employee might do when you’re not looking…

  1. Don’t accept their first answer – this will be the one they’ve prepared for. Continue your questioning with simply ‘What else?’ or ‘Can you give me a different example?’
  2. Competency based questions and identifying high performance traits. Evidence/Situational/Competency Based Questioning and Tasks are vital for uncovering high performance traits, so make sure you are collecting demonstrable evidence which supports or challenges your gut feeling about a candidate. 
  3. Do have one awesome question. Try and think of a question that they are unlikely to have been prepared for. You want to see them with their guard down, how they can think on their feet and potentially show a sliver of their true colours.

Your organisation is only as good as its people, the cost of a bad hire far outweighs the extra time taken to understand the candidates strengths and development areas beyond which they are prepped to demonstrate.